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3.12.2010 - HELLFIRE CLUB - PART I - Helsinki

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    HELLFIRE CLUB - PART I - 3.12.2010


    New club night in Helsinki in spirit of legendary Hellfire Club in Britain and Ireland in the 18th century organized by Proteus, aQi, ErilaZ & Shades.



    PROTEUS (Hellfire Club/Säde/Graveyard Party)

    CRISS (Mindcore)

    PIETARI (doom)

    AQI (Hellfire Club/Kuroshio)

    ERILAZ - DJ Set (Hellfire Club)

    Light Jockey Simo

    Screen By VJ Move

    3.12.2010 @ NEO night club, Vuorikatu 2 Helsinki

    Klo: 21:00-04:00

    K-18, a-oikeudet, 3 baaria (arctic ice bar)


    Presale: 12e + bf @ Tiketti

    Door: 15e


    Initially 'Human Resource' had 4 members: Guido Pernet (Producer- MC) Johan Van Beek & Jasper Drexhage (Keyboards) & Robert Mahu (Stage Mixer). They were joined too my 80 AUM Rapper & former pro basketball player Larenzo Nash. Chicago US born Nash was the infamous voice used on "Dominator" in 1991..

    'Dominator' was a huge success, one of the first records ever to use the "Hoover" effect, which was created using a Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesiser. HR released their first EP / Album entitled "Dominating the World". This was very early house in style & extremely different from "Dominator".

    As 92 began & Human Resource prepared to embark upon new ventures & succeed with more releases. At This time Johan Van Beek quit the group. Pernet didn't want another Keyboard player so instead hired a Rapper, the former MC of Quadrophonia Marvin D. He stayed with the group until 1995 before leaving to start his own label with his childhood friend Ray Slijngaard from '2 Unlimited', in which time HR had released such tracks as "Rave-O-Lution" & "Fuck Them" as well as another Album "Kicking Noise of Rotterdam". At this time (end of 94 / start of 95) the Rave scene has evolved onto unique styles, now known as Gabber / Rotterdam Hardcore.

    Drexhage left the group at this point, as he disagreed with the scene becoming more 'hardcore' ; he was replaced by Sander Scheurwater (De Mosselman) . From the period in which Marvin left HR this left just 3 people remaining, founder Guido Pernet, Robert Mahu & Sander. The 3 soon hooked up with an American Rapper, Kirk Patrick. With him on board they opted to re-record & release 'Dominator' in 1996. This version was harder but lacked the enthusiasm in vocals that Larenzo Nash gave the Original. Kirk stayed with the group for about a year & performed one other release with HR entitled "In the Hall of the Mountain King". A few months following his departure Mahu also quit leaving just the founder of the group Guido Pernet remaining. Since this time Guido has managed his own record labels, most notably KNOR Records working along side his nephew Peter Pernet a lot of the time. They recorded under many guises releasing Hardcore Old Skool until the end of 1998 when Pernet joined major Dutch label "Dubfoundation".".

    Since this time Guido under the Human Resource guise joined forces with Maurice Steenbergen of RTS (Rotterdam Termination Source) & Zeno Zevenberg of T99 to form RTS-HR. This venture proved very sucessful and re-releases, and remixes of Dominator surfaced influenced by the Dutch festival named after the HR classic 'Dominator'.

    Now Gudio has teamed up with 'Pitch' (Leroy Van Drie) to record several releases and perform Live once again under the Human Resource banner, doing several Live DJ sets and performances all over the globe to this day.

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    Asiaan kuuluvia virikkeitä from the past.... ;D

    Kirjoittanut: aqi (Jäsen)
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    Perjantaina 3.12 päästetään helvetintulet valloilleen!!

    Allekirjoittaneen polttoaineena liekinheittimissä uudella klubilla tullaan käyttämään aggrotech, EBM, electro/industrial sekä dark psytrance - ainesosista rakentuvaa keitosta... hiilloksesta infernaalisiin liekkeihin.

    "Faster and faster... until after a while you wouldn't feel anything... and then your body would just burst into fire. And the angel's wouldn't help you, 'cause they've all gone away..."

    Omasta puolestani. Olette kaikki ehdottoman tervetulleita ja syttynette liekkeihin ulkomaan artistimme klassikosta: THE ONE AND ONLY DOMINATOR!

    Parhain terveisin:

    K U R O S H I O
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    Huomenna fiilistellään ensi viikon Human Resourcen ensimmäistä Suomen keikkaa ja upouuden Hellfire Clubin avaamista 3.12. Helsingin NEO:ssa!! Lähetyksen erikoisvieraana Hellfire Club tapahtumassa esiintyvä Criss Mindcore poppoosta !

    Kaikille alan ystäville kihelmöivää musiikkia ja poskijumppaa tiedossa!

    Show time 21-23:00 Finnish time ja tune on 102,8hz ja netin kauttahan kuulee kans!

    Lisää infoa:

    Love Protsku Xxx
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    • Lähetetty: 23.11.2010 00:13
    Tuoretta informatsuunia klubista kertoo myös etusivun uutisartikkelissa.
    Kirjoittanut: Felicia (Virallinen sarjistaiteilija)
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    • Lähetetty: 23.11.2010 16:25
    Mahtavalta kuulostaa! Kuinkas usein tätä klubia ois tiedossa?
    Avajaisiin en valitettavasti pääse, mutta myöhemmin oisin
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    Hei Felicia,

    Kiitos paljon! Tarkoitus on järjestää klubia noin parin/kolmen kuukauden välein ja jokaisen klubi-illan teema vaihtelee synkemmän musiikin eri muodoissa industrialista ja gothic rockista synkempään teknoon ja hardcoreen yms... Ja kuten sloganissa lukee; no pop music allowed.

    Parhain terveisin,

    Proteus, aQi, ErilaZ & Shades xxxx
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    21:00-22:00 ErilaZ

    22:00-23:30 aQi

    23:30-00:30 Pietari

    00:30-01:30 Human Resource

    01:30-02:30 Proteus

    02:30-03:30 Criss
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    Welcome to Finland! It's your first time here and we are very
    excited and honored to have you performing DJ set at our brand new
    event Hellfire Club! How you feel coming to Finland first time?

    I'm honoured to come to Finland. I never been to Finland or anywhere in
    Scandinavia before so i really love it! Didn't knew you guys were into "our"

    You have lot of fans here in Finland and tracks like Dominator, Joke
    and Fuck Them were big hits here in 90's and still are today! We love
    old school and new stuff too. Can you tell us little bit what kind of
    tracks we can expect from Human Resource DJ set?

    Serious? haha, never knew that those tracks did it very well in Finland..
    Very awesome though!.. Well.. I'm really into the new sound now but still do
    a lot of Oldschool/Early sets. I think we'll try to make it a big mashup of
    Early vs New.. ( so i hope you guys can give us an extra hour? )

    You have had long great career and produced some of the greatest
    tunes in history of techno and hardcore. How you see the scene going
    nowadays as being one of the true pioneers behind it all?

    There's a new wave of talent arriving and we'll see a lot of very good, well
    produced, new tracks. It's reasonably easy to make (allmost professional
    sounding) tracks on a laptop (everywhere you want in a train, in the park..
    ). Back in the days we had to buy gear to make music and the initial
    investment made the threshold pretty high to start producing. Nowadays all
    you need is a computer and a torrent-client (or a friend willing to help)
    I'm still not sure if this is good or bad. Ah well.. we made dominator with
    about 10K worth of equipment and made dominator with it.. i guess that the
    studio's in that day were thinking the same as i did now. but still Your
    equipment was your sound. Now with DAW's and in the box summing every track
    has more or less the same sound and because of the systems being digital,
    there's no cables that can be wired in a wrong way so it will create a new
    sound. I guess we'll see what will happen..

    Hoover is the king of all sounds and your legendary track
    "Dominator" has been copied million times by million producers, how it
    was in 1991 when you created something that would change the history
    of electronic music?

    Not sure what you want mean by this question but since it's about the sound
    i will go deeper into that..Everyone knows by now that the sound is from the
    Roland Alpha Juno 2. Put a pitchenvelope on the basic sound, open the sub
    oscilator, and then open the incredible chorus untill the chorus sounds like
    an extra oscillator and bam! When we created the sound we thought it was too
    heavy to use and because of the pitch envelope allmost impossible to create
    a normal melody line with it. Then Joey Beltram's mentasm was released and
    we tried to find a way to use it and to play it.. I never knew that it would
    have an impact this big and changed my life in a way that i used to dream
    about. What would have happened if i stayed at home the night i met Johan
    and Robert at a party in Ahoy Rotterdam at the night we initially decided to
    do some tracks toghether? what would have happened if we hadn't gone over to
    the rehearsal studio (i used to rehearse with my metal band) and where we
    hooked up the Juno to a Marshall JCM 800 of my guitarplayer and heard the
    hoover-sound, roaring like a guitar, at the night we decided that we had to
    use it in a track? really don't know.. i guess i wouldn't be talking to you
    and would still be playing in a band frustrated that we never made it big
    and probably married with children. who knows...

    One of the best gigs I have witnessed was your and Miss Djax's
    back2back set at this year's Ground Zero festival in Holland. Please
    tell us shortly how your collaboration together started?

    thanx a lot! we were very pleased as well! I know saskia from back in 1991.
    She was doing the sales at IMC Distribution (who were part owner of 80Aum
    Records who released dominator. ) at the end of 1991 she had a fling with
    Robert Mahu (HR Member) It didn't last very long but i got to know her
    pretty well. We lost contact in 1992 and met up again in 2007. She was
    looking for someone who wanted to produce tracks and preferably hardstuff!
    So we started experimenting with Schranz/Hardtechno and 8 months later the
    first EP on Djax was released. It became record of the month! The second
    record we did, headbanging, was inspired heavily by felix Krocher's travel
    pussy and was record of the month as well! So after those released the
    collab was going very smoothly. For a live gig i put the dominator vox and
    sound in her ableton (for use as an intro and she said the crow responded
    really well. We made a track with the vocals and the sound and when she
    opened with it at awakenings in 2009, the crowd went nuts.. (here's a
    youtube vid.. sound is horrible but you will get the idea
    < e=related>

    Then i wanted to push the envelope a bit further. Saskia was asked to do a
    gig in the paradiso, Amsterdam and i tagged along. we Linked 2 laptops with
    ableton via Midisync. She took care of the beats and i did melodies and
    vocals... That was magic! After a few gigs Multigroove asked us to do the
    set for Ground Zero.. And they wanted an anthem.. so we called Marc
    Acardipane and reworked his evergreen "Stereo Murder".... That's our collab
    in a nutshell.. We're still working on new stuff.. trying to find the
    perfect combination of both worlds...

    Can we also expect more production with you and Rotterdam
    Termination Source in future?

    Maybe.. Maurice and i go a long way back as well but i dont know if we will
    ever do tracks together. he started his own video company and produces
    videoclips and does that very well. We recently worked together as maurice
    is doing a movie about the old days called oldschool renegades and features
    a lot of the guys from the early days.. i saw some of the footage and it
    contains a lot of nice "things to know" about those days check....

    See you soon and any last words to Finnish crowd before you hit the
    land of Vodka and darkness?

    Offcourse, polar night.. is that evident in Helsinki as well? I thought that
    was only in the northern part of finland... last words for the finnish
    people? hope to see you all this weekend at the hellfire club and let's

    Kirjoittanut: HepZusi (Mister Halloween 2007)
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    Lainaus: Hellfire Club

    klubi-illan teema vaihtelee synkemmän musiikin eri muodoissa industrialista ja gothic rockista synkempään teknoon ja hardcoreen yms... Ja kuten sloganissa lukee; no pop music allowed.

    cmoon kyllä täytyy yks brittikasari new wave happy mondays new order-ilta olla jokasella itteään kunnioittavalla teknoklubilla.
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