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Rules and guidelines

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    Starting a thread:
    • If you're about to start a new thread, make sure a similar thread doesn't already exist, because it's preferable to only have one thread for a specific topic (for example, "hair", "your theme songs" etc). It isn't necessary, however, to wade through the whole thread (especially if it's 30 pages long) to look for an answer to your question; people will be tolerant enough to answer even the same questions again and again in a thread.
    • If you do start a topic, make it coherent. Give the thread a descriptive title, and write an opening post that encourages participation.

    Posting in a thread:
    • Before you post, it's good to think whether your message has anything to add to the conversation. The point of most threads is to have a discussion, and one-liners or single emoticon posts just don't cut it.
    • It's possible to modify your post by using the "muokkaa" (modify) button above it, so please avoid double-posting. This is frowned upon especially if you're just trying to get your post some attention! In case you realise after posting that you still want to quote someone else's text, use the normal "lainaa" (quote) function, copy the text appearing in the posting space , and simply modify that quote into your comment.
    • Even if internet-conversation isn't exactly writing a Pulizer-winning novel, it's still recommended that you write text that is clear and easy to read in the sense that people don't have to look for your point from a sea of emoticons or try to make out where in your sentence should a comma or a period be. Also, please avoid unnecessarily using capital letters.
    • Stay in topic. Even if so-called off-topic is acceptable and even refreshing at times, it's still better if the conversation stays within the thread's actual topic for vast majority of the time.
    • "Upping" the threads so they appear on the front page of a conversation area is mostly forbidden. The exception to this rule are the sales-threads, in which case we allow a maximum of 3 ups/thread. If you want more publicity to your post, just write some interesting content!

    Forum etiquette

    • Avoid any sort of obscenity and ill-intended provocation. Be polite and thoughtful towards the other users, and you'll receive the same treatment!
    • The forum is meant for the eyes of minors as well, so avoid posting comments and links which have content inappropriate for them, or at least mention it while posting.
    • Copyrights are important. Don't copy material from other websites, artists, or even your friends without permission. When quoting, for example, news from another website, it's good to remember you can't simply copy and paste the whole text, but can only borrow a maximum of 20%, and you have to mention the source.


    • Forum users may advertise their (or other online auction) –items in a thread dedicated for them, but may not start a new thread for the items. Remember the auction site's own rules and terms before posting. Forum-exclusive sales- and trade advertisement topics may be posted to the "kirppis ja tori" (marketplace) area.
    • Advertising your band or music project has its own thread in the "Musiikki ja Muusikot" (Music and musicians) area. If you only register on the forum to advertise your band, please don't start a new band-topic.
    • Companies and entrepreneurs may advertise their products by making their own topic in the marketplace area. Updates, such as new products or sale seasons, should be made in the same thread, and not start a new thread for each update! Hidden advertisement in the discussion threads is also not taken to kindly.

    Other information

    • Forum announcements and guidelines –area is updated with info on changes on the forum, so remember to check it regularly.
    • Administrators and moderators have the right to delete or moderate any thread or post deemed to be inappropriate or in violation against the rules or terms of service. Trolls will be banned and not fed.
    •If something's bothering you, contact the administrator or moderators. If you spot a troublemaker or feel you've been treated unfairly, send us a private message.
    • Remember Internet-safety. Sharing your personal information is unadvisable, so use your common sense and caution.
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