Help needed. For communites, organisations and bars for goth/alternative/fetish.

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Unfortunately there are that kind of places because of the people who actually want to spend their free time acting like vampires.

Oh, I get it. Larpers.
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In Helsinki and Tampere you'll find a some kind of goth/EBM/industrial etc. scenes' club event/live gig in circa 2-3 times per month usually (correct?), in other cities much more rarely. The clubs differ, some are held in pubs with no real dancefoor, lightning or visuals, some bigger club-style venues provide that and their musical style is more dance-oriented. Some combine those both.
Unfortunately, in Finland there does not exist a bar/club which's ALL program is related to this scene, there are metal bars because it's more popular and more mainstream scene and draws more customers than goth.
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If you can prove to me that there would be 100+ people aged over 18 that are into this vampire shit I'll be happy to organize a fucking Twilight club for you

But yeah, If you're into goth/ebm/vampire/whatever -stuff, this isn't your country. Try Germany for that. In Finland we have a strong Metal scene and here there seems to be a barrier between metal and goth/industrial/whatnot.

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